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About Rose Marie Jewelry


Debbie & Lauren


Every single item that you see is hand crafted by owner and designers, Debbie & Lauren . Hello mother-daugher team!




The company took off as we truly researched about crystals, implemented them into our line, and have found how their properties are life changing. Throughout the years, our family has faced ailments and crystals have helped tremendously. 


Top grade crystals can be affordable and can be set into a luxe jewelry line. We are extremely proud that we can provide that to our clients and customers.  


We travel throughout the country to research and source our materials. We source our crystals and gemstones through ethically sourced mines. Working with gold filled and minimal gold plated metals, our luxe jewelry comes to an alluring finish. Fun fact: Many times, Debbie is drawing out shapes and designs on random pieces of paper and then they come to life! 

Always searching & sourcing to find the
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The line is inspired by nature, color tone, and our experiences. We are everlastingly learning new techniques, new research on crystals, and expanding our palettes to bring great quality items. Listening whole heartily with our clients and partners on their vibes, we are a cohesive brand that works together to bring new designs to the table. 


We strive to bring top notch luxe collections to our brand. Between wire wrapping, soldering, and piecing our designs together, we create new and enlightening small batch designs to the seasons. You may even find one of a kind items ever so often. 


Lauren & Debbie produce high vibrational jewelry at a cost effective price, which is magical for everyone. You can find Rose Marie Jewelry in boutiques and shop across the country and Canada, plus various events in the Midwest. 

What do you benefit from wearing our jewelry? 

By wearing RMJ, you will be benefiting from the good intentional vibes that they are created with. Each piece is made with love and simplicity. Your soul will benefit with each crystal property you wear. Top grade crystals don’t need to break the bank, and we will make sure of it for you!

Girl Boss Vibes: 

As a single mom, Debbie instilled that you can work for yourself and create a life that you want. 

By creating jewelry and using crystals, she found that she could step up to the plate, and create a successful business that she truly cares about.

Hey girrrrl!

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going into the weekend with much needed

"Thank you so much for the beautiful necklace! I am already planning my next!"

“I absolutely love your jewelry. The quality is incredible. I am starting a collection now. Love your stuff!"

"I own well over 50 pieces from RMJ! My mom&I met Lauren & Debbie at a show years ago. They are the sweetest duo who create the most GORGEOUS and unique pieces. I seriously cannot recommend RMJ enough!

"Got my package and LOVE it! Thank you RMJ!"

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everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, needs se
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