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Q ' s  +  P O L I C I E S

How Do I Place An Order?

Our online shop is dedicated to this website. 

We also set up at markets around the Chicagoland area for you to shop at in person. As well as, taking custom orders through email.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram, to keep up with designs coming out and sometimes we hold flash sales there! The invoice would be through PayPal during that time.


What do you take as payment? 

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. No checks.


How does your shipping work? 

U.S. Shipping is a flat $4.50 We will ship your order once we have received your order. Once shipped, a tracking number will be sent via email. USPS usually takes 2-5 business days depending on location in the United States. 

International shipping is a flat $16.00 and may take up to 5 weeks to receive based on location. If the shipping costs us more than $16.00, the buyer will be charged the extra fee.

Rose Marie Jewelry is not responsible for postal damage. Please talk to your local post office. 

Do you repair jewelry?

Yes, of course! If you would like a RMJ design lengthening/shortening necklaces (we do offer chain extenders here), please contact us and we will make you a custom listing in our shop. If you are adding chain, there will be a small fee. 

Rose Marie Jewelry is NOT responsible for self-breakage. Honesty, is [y]our best policy. Many of our designs are delicate and it is up to you to take good care of your designs. Fixing an item does come with a cost to do the because we are an artisan small business and it take employee time, tools, and labor. The minimum charge is $5 + shipping. The buyer is responsible for shipping to our studio. Please keep this in mind when purchasing from us. 


Help! I lost an earring!

We can most definitely send you another earring. If you have lost an earring, we will charge 50% of the cost for the missing earring plus shipping. 

I received something as a gift and it doesn't fit. What can I do? 

So happy you received RMJ as a gift! We can custom size it for you to your liking. This may have an extra cost, as supplies/matierals/and time are added onto this! Don't worry this won't cost as much as the actual gift. *The item has to be un-worn in perfect condition as you have received it. If material is worn or slightly altered, we will have to charge full price due to sanitary reasoning and time.


Are the crystals you use real?

100% HECK YEAH! RMJ is proud to say all of the crystals and gemstones we use with our designs are ethically sourced from the earth. We work with top miners in Brazil and other areas to ethically source our crystals. We handpick our materials on sourcing trips and make sure everything is in perfect quality. This does take time for us, but we believe to work with the best and ethical materials to provide amazing timeless designs. 


R E T U R N   P O L I C I E S


Please keep in mind, if you have purchased products at one of our partnering stores, your return window and store policies are defined by that specific retailer.


Regarding necklace and bracelet purchases: 

Any return must be made within 3 days of receiving your online order. Shipping back to our studio is the buyers responsibility.  

An $8 restocking fee will be charged. It must be paid before a refund is made. The item must NOT be worn. 

Claims of defective items will need to be made within two days of receiving.

We are a two person small business and do not operate like big box stores.  This is our biggest policy. Please shop carefully with RMJ.


WE DO NOT ACCEPT REFUNDS ON: EARRINGS (due to sanitary and health reasons), designs that have been marked as non-refundable (listed in the description of some of our items), custom orders, adjustable rings, bangles/cuffs, international orders, or in person market purchases.  

When returning: 

The item must be in the same packaging as sent. We suggest you use insured shipping (of design price) and have a tracking number available. Insured shipping is quite inexpensive. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. You will need to contact your local post office if you are in need of help. 

We will not refund a lost, damaged, worn, or stolen item. We will not tolerate damaged or worn jewelry. We do know what we sent and how we sent it. Please be considerate of what you are sending back. 

We do have the right to not refund on the above circumstances and the item will be shipped back to you. 



J E W E L R Y  C A R E 

Do not get jewelry wet. Do not sweat in your jewelry. Water will alter the state of the gemstones and crystals, remember they did come from the earth. 

Wipe your stones and jewelry weekly to get natural body oils and residue off. This will help prolong your jewelry. 

Our designs are extremely dainty, please take care of the jewelry. Any tug, slight pull, can damage the jewelry. 

Charge & Cleanse your crystals!

It is best during a full moon, place your jewelry in the moonlight near window to recharge your crystals so you experience the powerful properties. Other ways: in the sunlight, place on a cluster of quartz, smudging with sage. If you have any questions, please email us!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us so we can help accommodate your needs. 



During this time, RMJ will not be accepting returns due to health and safety reasons until further notice.

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