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Selenite  Tumbled Stone and information card

Selenite Tumbled Stone and information card


Selenite Tumbled Pocket Stone

Approx .75 “ - 1 inch”


Cleansing, charging, calming

Selenite amplify’s and cleanses all crystals. It’s a great stone for meditating because it’s calming, peaceful and healing. It also cleanses our bodies of negativity. Great to have with you wherever you go!

What to do with your tumbles stone:

Place them around your home or work area to create a positive energy field.

Carry them with you in your pocket or purse to absorb negative energy and promote positive vibes.

Place them on your body during meditation or yoga.

Give tumbled stones as gifts to friends and loved ones to show them how much you care.

Some of the benefits of tumbled stones:

-They are less expensive than raw crystals.

-They are more readily available.

-They require no special care or handling.

-They have many uses.

-They are perfect to carry with you on the go.

***Information has been taken from my favorite books, crystal guru’s and online resources. The information provided is not meant to cure any ailments. Seeing your doctor is recommended to take care of your health.

Tumbled stones are typically spherical and range between .75” and 1” in diameter. Each stone is about ~.60 oz

A stone will be picked for you intuitively.

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