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Selenite x Palo Santo Bundle

Selenite x Palo Santo Bundle

The ultimate crystal to have in your presence. 
The stick is approximately 4inches long and 1” in height. 
Each Selenite stick varies as the crystals are from the earth and raw. 
Each stick has been handpicked by RMJ. 

Palo Santo is a sacred wood. You can burn it and rid of all the negative energies around you and in your space. 

•it is the ultimate crystal for cleansing & clearing energies
•keep a piece of selenite near your front door for an energy rinse when you walk in your home. this will clear any bad energy that has followed you. 
•keep near electronics for balancing EMF. 
•store in bedroom for a well-rested sleep. 
•lay other crystals on the piece of selenite to charge them and cleanse them. 
•moon magic: cleanse your selenite under a full moon to clear and recharge it.
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